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  • What is D-FENZ Marine Clean?
    D-FENZ Marine Clean is a multi-surface cleaner, odor eliminator and protectant specially formulated for use in areas exposed to high moisture. Marine Clean keeps boat interiors smelling fresh and keeps interior and exterior surfaces cleaner longer. The buildable, hydrophobic clear coat makes surfaces easier to clean with repeat use.
  • Can Marine Clean be used on the exterior of my boat?
    Yes. When your boat is out of the water, power wash and scrub to prepare surface for spraying. Spray an even coat on all exterior surfaces and allow to air dry. To build base coat, apply a total of five coats, allowing to dry between each application.
  • What does Marine Clean smell like?
    Marine Clean is fragrance free. After cleaning and deodorizing with Marine Clean, a simple, "fresh" smell remains, instead of musty, moisture-related odors.
  • Can I use Marine Clean to remediate mold?
    No. If mold remediation is required, use an EPA approved disinfectant for use on mold and mildew. After surfaces aredisinfected and dry, Marine Clean may be used to keep them clean and fresh going forward. With repeat use, Marine Clean's coating makes mold and mildew stains* easy to remove.
  • Will the dried micro-coating harm surfaces?
    No. Marine Clean can be used on any surface not harmed by water. The dry micro-coating makes surfaces easier to clean with repeat use. Marine Clean has been treated with a fungistatic agent toprotect the dry micro-coating from deterioration from odor and stain causing mold and mildew.
  • Can Marine Clean be used to kill germs?
    No. Marine Clean is not a disinfectant and should not be used to protect surfaces or people from pathogenic microorganisms.
  • How do you get boat interiors smelling fresh?
    Clean all surfaces first by spraying and wiping. If stubborn mold or mildew stains are present, scrub to remove. If active moldis present, disinfect with a registered disinfectant. Apply a second coat of Marine Clean to clean [or disinfected], drysurfaces. Allow to air dry. If carpet is present, vacuum first, then use Marine Clean in carpet cleaning machine; allow to airdry.
  • Can Marine Clean be mixed with other cleaners?
    No. Mixing or diluting Marine Clean will render the product ineffective. Marine Clean can be used safely on dry surfaces thathave been cleaned previously with other products.
  • Does Marine Clean leave streaks on windows or glass?
    No. Marine Clean dries to a sparkling clean finish and is a fantastic glass cleaner.
  • How does Marine Clean help keep the exterior of my boat clean?
    The hydrophobic nature of Marine Clean's dry coating helps repel stains and keeps scum from adhering to exterior boat surfaces. After a proper base coat is established, routine exterior boat cleaning becomes much easier. Dirt, scum and residue will rinse off with ease. Reapply coating after routine cleaning.
  • What does hydrophobic mean?
    Hydrophobic means that the dried coating lacks an affinity for water; it repels water.
  • Will Marine Clean discolor paint?
    No. Marine Clean will not discolor or negatively affect paint or fabrics.
  • Can Refresh be used on athletic equipment?
    Yes! Spray refresh on the soft parts of shoulder pads, shin guards, helmet interiors and any other parts of protective equipment that cannot be laundered. Spray until damp and allow to air dry. Spray or soak new protective sleeves or guards in Refresh and allow to dry to keep foul smells at bay.
  • Can Refresh be used on shoes?
    Yes! Refresh works best when sprayed on clean shoes to prevent odors. When shoes are new or freshly cleaned, spray interior of shoes until damp and allow to air dry. Do not spray Refresh on shoes that are harmed by water.
  • Is Refresh safe to spray on furniture?
    Yes! Freely spray Refresh on any type of textile not harmed by water. Refresh works great on upholstered furniture, drapes, bedding, rugs or any other porous surface in need of freshening.
  • Will Refresh discolor fabrics?
    No. Refresh will not degrade or discolor fabrics of any color. Refresh is a great clothing freshener when laundering is not available.
  • How can I rejuvenate entire rooms with Refresh?
    Clean all surfaces by spraying and wiping to remove dirt and dust. Then, spray all hard and porous surfaces with Refresh and allow to air dry. For large-scale jobs, an electrostatic sprayer may be used. Spray all items in the room except for electronics (or anything harmed by water). Coat items with a light but thorough application, but not to the point of dripping. You will notice a freshness difference almost immediately!
  • Can Refresh be used as a hard-surface cleaner?
    Yes! Refresh is a great everyday, multi-purpose cleaner for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, and anywhere you want to keep fresh and clean.
  • Can Refresh be used on glass and mirrors?
    Yes! Refresh is a FANTASTIC glass cleaner! Spray and wipe for sparkling clean mirrors and windows.
  • What is the active ingredient in D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer?
    The active ingredient in D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer is Benzalkonium Chloride (often referred to as BZK). BZK is commonly utilized in many pharmaceutical formulations and is an FDA approved active ingredient for use in hand sanitizers.
  • What sizes is D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer available in?
    D-FENZ Hand Sanitizer is available in 2 oz bottles with foaming pumps, 2 oz bottles with spray dispenser and in 1 gallon jugs. Bulk quantities and sizes are available.
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